Welcome to Unapologetically Written!

This blog combines three of my passions: writing, personal healing, and mental health awareness. The idea to create Unapologetically Written came to me when I began to notice a lack of space on the internet for this type of self-care. Sure, there are plenty of blogs and websites dedicated to mental health, healing, and writing, but they’re all separate! I have yet to see any space online that combines mental wellness with anything else, any outside hobby, interest, or activity that can serve as a means of healing. Self-care doesn’t always take the form of cozy bubble baths, meditation, or spending time alone. Often times doing something to escape, something like enjoying literature, coding, writing, or engaging with others, can be the best way to heal. Of course, this method isn’t for everyone, as not everyone enjoys the same things, but I would like for Unapologetically Written to become a safe space and help to create a community for everyone, nerds, book-lovers, introverts, extroverts, members of the LGBT+ community, and others alike.

While the main focus of Unapologetically Written is mental health awareness and healing through hobbies (like reading, gaming, and other things that I personally enjoy), community, and discussion, not all of the content will focus on mental illness, and not all of the content will use a hobby lens. There are so many things in life that can cause emotional and mental trauma, and my goal is to create a space that will allow everyone to heal. Some of the topics that will be addressed will be mental health, physical and emotional abuse, rape and sexual assault, trauma and PTSD, divorce and family issues, LGBTQIA+ and coming out, family, friend, and relationship issues, disabilities and chronic illness and pain, school and bullying, sex, kinks, and kink shaming, racism, sexism, and prejudice, misogyny, and anything else that our growing community may feel needs to be addressed. I hope that by talking about these things that many of us are afraid to talk about, I can create a space in which we feel comfortable talking about them. My hope is that by encouraging discussion about these issues, I can help others feel at peace with the things they may have experienced, and I can help them to find an escape or a method of coping with the trauma that stems from these issues.

When I first started Unapologetically Written, my main focus was healing through literature. As I’ve seen our community grow, I’ve changed and expanded my focus to include much more. Before going any further, however, I would like to define what literature means to me and why I initially chose it to be the focus of my blog. Of course there’s the standard definition of literature that simply sees the term as a reference to a written work. However, literature means much more to me, and Unapologetically Written will always use my definition when referring to literature. To me, literature is anything that tells a story or a history. This includes books, movies, TV shows, comics, art, and so much more. It also includes you and me. We are all literature because we are all stories and histories and art. Since, by my definition, we are all literature, this blog will focus on healing through standard literature as well as through one another.


I currently post longer, meaningful content on Wednesdays and writing prompts on Saturdays! The type of content that will be posted (for now—there will be more later!) is:

  • Reviews (books, movies, shows, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.)
    • Typically my reviews will answer these questions: Is this helpful? What issue does it address? How does it address this issue? How does this help us heal? Is this personal or community-based?
    • I’m always taking requests for things to review! I’ll post requests from time to time, but I’m always accepting them!
  • Personal experiences and advice
    • I will ask for questions that will be answered in future posts. This will be a bit like an advice column, but it won’t be as regular as an advice column would be. I will also be providing some of my own personal stories and experiences with different issues in an attempt to connect with all of you.
  • Community-building content
    • I’d love for this to be a way for us to connect and form a community, so I’ll be posting questions, prompts, and other things that I’d like all of us to respond to (if you feel comfortable sharing, that is). Essentially, this will be a bit like a forum that will take place in the comments section of the post. I’m also open to private responses that I can post (or not post) anonymously. My hope is that by sharing experiences and opinions on different issues, we can help each other feel safe and comfortable when talking about things!
  • Literary quotes and images
  • Researched pieces
    • I’d love to put together my own original researched pieces involving different issues and literature, but I’ll also try to share other research articles and scientific pieces. The point in this type of post is to help us educate ourselves and others on issues so that we can properly heal.
  • Product reviews
    • These will often take the form of “listicles,” and they will simply be lists of products that I have found to be helpful or think will be helpful with self-care. These won’t be sponsored; I just like to find and share products that can make our lives easier!

I’m so excited to build our community! If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please let me know! I’m doing all of this for you, so I want you to feel comfortable helping me create our space!


I do have a Patreon, but as of now, I’m not very active with my posting due to my lack of subscribers/Patrons. If you’d like to become a Patron, I’d appreciate it very much, but my blog followers are in no way obligated to do so! Having you as my readers is enough! You inspire me, support me, and do so much more for me than sending a few dollars per month ever could.


Disclaimer: Self-care should never replace professional help for those who need it.


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