Writing Prompt: Lists

Hello, lovely readers!

This week, I wanted to encourage you all to reflect on and think about what helps you most on good days and bad alike. Sometimes the idea and goal of wanting to get better, feel better, or make progress can be overwhelming, and we often forget to take a step back and figure out what helps us most. That’s where this week’s prompt comes in!

Prompt: List all the things that help you feel happy, comfortable, at ease, or just okay. Include things like self-care methods, foods, hobbies, people, events, outfits, animals, games, shows, movies, songs, weather, etc. Whatever makes you feel good!

I personally feel overwhelmed when I think about managing my depression and anxiety, and on bad days, I typically feel as though I’ve forgotten what I enjoy. During times like that, it’s important for me to identify the things I love and how they’ve helped me get to this point. I hope that today’s prompt can have a similar effect for you!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s prompt, and I hope it will help you out on your journey towards healing, feeling better, or just managing your life. As always, I welcome you to share your responses to the prompt. For this week’s prompt especially, I feel as though it would be a great time to share the things that help you; someone might read your list and find a new method of feeling better!


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